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With the season premiere date just over a month away, Robin Kass finally announced this morning that the semi-finalists for the hit reality TV show  Big Brother 14 have ALL been contacted, though no final casting decisions have been made yet.

So, if you applied for Big Brother this year and did not get a call – you’re sadly out of luck. :(

But wait, there’s more! You may get another shot! Big Brother is headed to Canada! So… if you’re Canadian, you can finally get your chance to be on reality TV!

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I’m always looking to expand my reality TV knowledge to embrace a broader scope on the genre, so this morning I went to a business breakfast meeting hosted by The Writer’s Bootcamp in Santa Monica. The topic of the day was reality TV and the guest of honor was Jenny Daly.

Ms. Daly is the President and Executive Producer of T Group Productions. Her credits are massive, just take a look at her bio:

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news when it comes to reality tv casting advice, but Casting Directors DO NOT like giving out their phone numbers! So… if you’ve recently applied, auditioned or open call’ed your ass off and are waiting for that call — it’s most likely gonna come from a BLOCKED or UNKNOWN number.

Pick. It. Up.

And watch this video:

PS – Sorry for the stretched video – it’ll get fixed eventually, but I wanted to get this up!

The Bachelorette is back, and the single gal looking for love this time around is America’s most eligible Southern belle, Emily Maynard!

(I wrote this article for my peeps over at Wetpaint, but in honor of Emily’s big night, I wanted to post it here as well!)

If you’re a fan, you know the franchise loves throwing in dramatic twists just to keep things spicy. This season’s first shocking surprise? Instead of shipping a slew of eligible hunks to L.A. for some romancin’, they’re holing up in Emily’s hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, so the single mom won’t have to be away from her little girl while husband hunting (until the whirlwind globetrotting dates kick in). Not to mention her reported salary is $250,000 (more than twice what’s normally paid, and more than any other contestant in the show’s history) and they’re supposedly letting her pick her own engagement ring!

I’m a reality TV casting director who’s cast a ton of reality shows (including The Bachelor), and I must say that this is a pretty unprecedented move on the producers’ part. Rarely does a show bend as much as it seems they’re bending for Emily. It just goes to show how much her fans (and advertisers) adore her.

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Sarah Monson tips and tricks to get cast on a reality show like survivor

Happy Friday! I want to send you into your weekend with a little more insight into the world of reality TV casting and answer some burning questions that have been coming across my desk over the last week.

I hope these are enlightening!

Kim asked: How legit are those reality show websites that you have to sign up for?

The Bitchlorette says: Depends on the site. As with any website, you have to make sure you’re not handing your personal info over a phisher or spammer or hacker (those sounds like celebrity baby names, no?). I’m a fan of simply going to the network website or production company to apply for a show – but often times you might not know which is what or where to find them. So yes, sites like are a great resource to see what’s out there. You do have to sign up, add a photo and fill in some basic stats to get full access, though. They also offer a paid membership for those who want to get a more robust experience. Also, is newer site with less bells and whistles than RealityWanted, but it offers up a lot of Now Casting info and show biz news and happenings. You also have to sign up for this, though no pictures o height/weight stats are required. I’m a member of both!

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sarah monson explains why canadians cant apply to survivor amazing race and big brother

Oh, Canada!

You are an awesome country with awesome people. You make America better looking by proxy. You’ve given us Ryan Reynolds AND Ryan Gosling.

You make us sound cool. (Thank you Celine Dion and Alanis Morissette). And your TV shows aren’t bad either. (Degrassi High, forever).

That being said, why can’t the fine people that reside north of our border get cast on American reality TV shows like Survivor and Big Brother?

I’ve been getting this questions for years and it’s time you knew the truth! No, it’s not some big anti-Canadian conspiracy…

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Now that The Amazing Race Season 19 is over – it’s time to cast the next! I was obsessing over TAR’s Facebook page today and noticed a ton if people asking for casting tips and tricks and advice on how to get cast on The Amazing Race Season 20.

I too, would have similar quandaries if I didn’t work in the reality TV biz, so I thought I’d throw a few Amazing Race Casting Tips out there for those looking for a leg up during the next round of casting.

The most important factor that comes into play when being considered for The Amazing Race is…

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When it comes to auditioning for reality tv, which is more important, the Application or Video?

I’m asked this question a lot. While they are both important, the answer to that is… watch the video! :)

I am always curious to know what sort of burning questions, comments, concerns, worries and rants reality tv hopefuls have about the casting and audition process. Having been on both sides, I know how you feel. It’s both agonizing and awe inspiring. And it sucks that you’re never quite sure WTF! is going on at any given time.

Since I have been on both sides, and the side you’re on is WAY MORE FRUSTRATING IN TERMS OF GETTING Qs ANSWERED, I wanted to open up my blog for whatever burning questions you might have. I’m sure I’ll turn this into a webinar in the coming weeks, but for now I thought I’d keep in on the page. (I actually really could use a good hair blow out and can’t fathom getting in front of my webcam right now. Yes, living in L.A. makes you vain.)

So… Ask away! Ask me anything!

(About reality TV, casting and auditioning… that is!!! Not like, my bra size.)

Post your Qs in comments and I’ll answer in a few days!

Until then, the scribe has spoken… :)

xx, Sarah

How Can I Learn From Reality TV Rejection?

No, that’s not a typo – an SAQ is a Should Ask Question. Unlike an FAQ, an SAQ is a question you SHOULD be asking, but might not know to ask. So, instead of asking Why Did I Get Rejected?, you SHOULD be asking: What Can I Do To NOT Get Rejected In The Future?

Check out more helpful videos on my YouTube Channel!

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