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This will either inspire you or make you mad.

Pauly D – the gel gobbling guido of Jersey Shore – is making SERIOUS money as a DJ these days.

Forbes Magazine just released the list of the World’s Highest-Paid DJs, and DJ Pauly D is on the list… to the tune of $11 Million Dollars.

“…In the number seven spot is none other than “Jersey Shore” star Pauly D, who makes a fist-pumping (or some might actually say depressing) $11 million a year for his DJing appearances. That sort of money can buy a lot of hair gel and tanning-booth visits.

According to Yahoo!: Pauly D, as he is known in the club circuit, has made some real in-roads in the EDM world, signing a three-album deal with 50 Cent’s G-Unit record label; launching his own line of headphones; opening for Britney Spears on her North American Femme Fatale tour; serving as an exclusive resident DJ at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas; and starring in a spin-off MTV reality series, “The Pauly D Project,” about his burgeoning DJ career.

Lemme ask you this: Do you think there is ANY WAY IN HELL Pauly D would have risen to this kind of stardom if not for his stint on Jersey Shore?

Um…. NO.

So, are you ready to get cast on a reality show yet?

Yesterday I posted in the IAmA section of Reddit opening up the lines of communication for anyone on there with questions for a Reality TV Casting Director. I got some really great questions, so I thought I’d post some here.


Q: If your last name is Hantz do you automatically get cast?

A: Basically. (No. But nepotism is pretty big right now. A recognizable name can get you pretty far.)


Q: How many Survivor’s are recruited versus people who sent an audition tape in?

A: Here’s a little history – the first season of Survivor yielded a few thousand applicants. Season two – 100K. Now, it gets up around 10-20K or so, depending on the season. Moral of this story – don’t apply for season two of a popular show!! (Here’s more on that in a video Q&A.)


Q: Got any juicy insider stuff from American Idol? It’s been a huge part of American TV for so long, gotta be some doozies.

A: Idol.. oh Idol… it’s such a strange beast. I never cast the show, but I have had friends that have auditioned… and it ain’t pretty. I have a friend who auditioned for the show in Pasadena at The Rose Bowl one year. He is a really good singer. Trained. Degreed. The works.

He waited over 12 hours in the hot sun for a chance to sing. When it was his turn, he got about 15 seconds in front of an Intern or PA (Note: a “PA” is the lowest rung on the television production ladder you can be. These people are hired at a day rate to keep the “cattle” in line. They have no eye for talent. They are just bodies paying their dues to learn something about the business.)

When he started singing, the PA’s phone rang and the PA picked it up, proceeding to talk through Mike’s entire audition. Do you think my friend got through to the next round? Hell no! The next five people in line had the same fate.


Q: Do you outline set of roles that you want to fill before you begin casting (ex: instigatory religious nut, competitive asshole, relatable family man etc.)

A: Depending on the show, we have an general idea of the types we are looking for. We start with broad strokes and then narrow them down as we start cobbling together finalists. You always need a hero and villain – often multiple. But the type of hero or villain often depends on the pool of applicants – so that’s where we get the extreme peeps – and then we try and find their opposite to create drama.


Q: Do you try to portray the people differently based on editing to enhance your show and if so do you try and make people look worse than they are?

A: Editors are gods in reality TV, they can make or break ya. But… the person being edited is giving the editor all the fodder they need. So if you’re Crazy, you’ll look even crazier once they add the music and the reaction shots and such. It just depends on the show. People generally end up looking worse (or at least different) from what they thought they would be. When I was on a show – they REALLY wanted me to cry – but I wouldn’t do it. So what they did was during a break in shooting I was sitting on a couch looking off into the distance pondering life, wearing my natural expression – a frown. They secretly filmed that and, during editing, added all the sappy music in to make it look like i was the verge of tears in the final edit.


Q: The people on Cash Cab aren’t ACTUALLY picked up on the street? They’re CASTED?!

A: Yup. We cast them… but it was STILL a game show and they still had NO IDEA that they were getting into the Cash Cab, so we had to be sneaky. We cast people because the Qs are SO HARD that we needed to vet them first to see if they could handle them. Basically the people thought they got cast on a totally different show and when we would meet them to film that show, we’d be like “Oh, we changed locations, get in this cab and we’ll meet you up there. and BAM. the game began.” And, sometimes, randomly, they would just take in regular peeps off the street.

And last but not least, one guy thought I might know the answer to this quandary:

Q: Is it wrong that I get an erection while pooping?

A: It would be wrong if you didn’t.

Hope that was helpful!

P.S. Have you picked up your copy of Me On TV yet? For shame! Get it here.

There are SO many ways to get cast on Reality TV these days. You can go to an Open Call near your home, apply via Online Submission, get recruited right off the street, or submit to a notice you run across on the web. All of these take a little legwork and – in the case of creating an audition video -  a lot of time.

So today I want to help you streamline your Reality TV audition process and share with you a few really great websites that offer up a ton of Reality TV casting notices in one place, for free, everyday.

Who loves you? (That’s right: ME. :))


Based out of New Zealand, StarNow is a top website for actors, musicians, models and reality TV hopefuls. It’s a great source to get info on Auditions and Casting Notices – and to put a profile up for Casting Directors to find you for projects. They are HUGE in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and are getting really big here in the US. They vet all of their notices to make sure they are legit and you can sign up for FREE right here. (They also have paid subscriptions starting at like $5 bucks a month that give you a ton of bells and whistles). These guys are going to be HUGE in the US very soon, so it definitely behooves you get signed up with them sooner rather than later.


These guys have been around for quite a while, offering up daily casting notices and a community to connect to other hopefuls to further increase the likelihood that you’ll get cast on a show. They have a voting system where other members can vote up their favorite people to get more exposure on the site. They also have interviews and videos featuring ex-Reality TV stars and industry folks offering up advice. The site is a little busy looking at times, but it has a ton of good info. Sign up for a free membership HERE, and you can also get a paid membership, too, at varying levels and prices.


This site is pretty quirky. It’s started out pretty small and is now getting bigger and bigger. The bulk of what it offers are notices for Industry Gigs, Music Gigs and Casting Gigs. They also are a good place to see what Events are happening around LA – and they usually offer a discount on entrance. It’s free to sign up HERE, and you’ll get daily emails with all the happenings. This site has the fewest Reality TV casting calls of the three I’ve mentioned, but it still has really great ones to choose from and offers a lot of info.

There are a TON more I could list, but these are the three I am most excited about these days – for both looking for talent for shows I’m casting and for the way they are helping people with their reality TV dreams.

Go forth and make magic happen!



If you’re like me, then this is a dream come true! Who wouldn’t want to be a model on The Price Is Right?!

Here are the DEETS:

The longest-running game show in history, CBS The Price Is Right, is launching its first-ever male model search with portions of the vetting process airing as a web series! At the end of the search, one lucky guy will be selected to join the Price Is Right team!

If you think you have what it takes and have a great personality, they want to meet you.


You must be at least 21 years of age.

You must bring a recent head and body shot photos to the interview…. which are:

Wednesday, August 15th – 3:00PM – 5:00PM
Friday, August 17th – 5:00PM – 7:00PM

4000 W. Alameda Ave, 4th Floor. Burbank, CA

On Sept. 28, as up to six finalists will be announced on The Price Is Right, and the five-episode web series will launch (at and, showing the hopefuls engaging in assorted challenges. Viewers will then have until Oct. 4 to vote for their pick!

Remember… dreams do come true on this show:

If you’ve been reading my blog you should now have a pretty good idea on HOW TO GET ON REALITY TV, but here’s a question you might want to ponder for a moment before you take the Reality TV plunge:


Is if for the money? The fame? Love? A new kitchen? People have their reasons. And so do I. Watch this video to find out WHY I WENT ON WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE… the answer might surprise you.

And yes, I did win some money.

Whether you are dying to get on Big Brother Canada (which a lot of my loyal visitors are!), want to be the next JWoww on your own version of Jersey Shore, have a talent like singing and realize that alone isn’t enough to get you cast on American Idol/X Factor/The Voice, or have no idea what show you want to be on and could use a book that tells you exactly where to start your search, I’d really love it if you checked out my new book Me On TV: The First Ever Kick-Ass Guide To Get You On Any Reality Show.

CLICK HERE for a free LOOK INSIDE courtesy of Amazon and kick the tires a bit before you decide. I’m really proud of it and know you’ll not only gain insight into this wacky world, but the confidence to thrive in it!

me on tv by sarah monson best seller amazon

I started The Bitchlorette blog in 2010 as a way to share my knowledge and expertise on all things reality TV.

As a reality television casting director who’s been in the biz for ten years, I have extensive experience under my belt on lots of different types of shows – competition, dating, game shows, wedding, animals, etc. I know tons of things about the inner workings of reality TV that seem so “no duh” to me after all these years, but it surprises and delights me when I share one of these tidbits of insight with someone who wants to get on TV and they are like: “WOW! I had no idea THAT’S how to do it!”

I know I’m not curing diseases or solving world hunger, but my career in reality TV has been highly fulfilling, especially when I get to help make people’s dreams come true. And I am very happy and proud to tell you all that I’ve written a book about it – and it’s FINALLY available on Amazon!

In fact, it’s a #1 BEST SELLER!!!!

Read more »

Millionaire is back for Season 11!

I already went on the show and won a bunch of loot, so I’m out for the count this season.


But you should go for it… and if you want to know HOW I GOT ON THE SHOW… pick up my book Me On TV on Amazon, available starting today!

Click on the image below:

In honour of the 2012 London Olympics, I tracked down a Stereotypically British Fellow to share the secret to his reality show success.

If you think you have the British balls to let your freak flag fly, pick up ME ON TV on AMAZON this Thursday, 7/26/12!

When you do, you’ll get a bunch of extra bonuses + a free unicorn.*

wille bb14 head butt

I always tell anyone I cast on a show - DON’T DO ANYTHING YOU’LL REGRET LATER!

If I cast Willie Hantz on Big Brother 14, that’s what I would have told him – and maybe that would have saved him from getting ousted on Sunday’s episode.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the drama that went down, according to HuffPo:

After the Coach’s competition, Willie was put in the Have-Nots group for the week, and immediately got mad that his teammates were put there as well. He seemed to be trying to stand up for them in the game, knowing already that it would be very difficult for him to stay in now that Frank is Head of Household.

But things took an ugly turn when Willie deciding that he would get himself evicted from the house before the other players could get rid of him. What followed was an outpouring of rage and anger that culminated in Willie headbutting Joe before the live feeds were cut.

As seen on Sunday’s episode, Willie was subsequently ejected from the game.

So, this probably leaves a lot of Big Brother super fans royally pissed off at Willie.

Why would he get the chance of a lifetime to land a spot in the Big Brother 14 house and then squander his opportunity and fame and a $500,000 fortune?

Read more »

Swoon! One F Jef put a ring on it! From one Bitchlorette to another, I ALWAYS KNEW Emily Maynard would make the best Bachelorette in history!

May they go forth and make beautiful blonde hipster babies!

It’s truly hard to tell which one has the better hair: Emily or Jef.

Congrats you cuties!

Ever wonder how Emily Maynard’s suitors were picked for the hit ABC show? Find out here!


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