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Unlimited budgets and Celebrity planners, Oh My!

Now that it’s been confirmed that Ashely and JP will tie the knot on TV, what will their big day actually look like?

ashley and jp wedding

Here’s what I think:

I bet it’s off to New York, where the nuptials will take place near JP’s family on Long Island. Now that ABC is footing the bill, the couple will seek out the crème de la crème Long Island wedding locale: Oheka Castle. Often booked for years, JP might have to grease some palms to get the date they want.

No worry, Long Island is where all the mobsters live, so that won’t be a problem. Ashley should head to Manhattan and hit up Kleinfeld for a possible cameo on Say Yes To The Dress, where she can try on gorgeous gown after gorgeous gown before settling on a truly over the top number to match the opulence of Oheka. (No one wants to get upstaged by a building.)

Ashley should also amp up her ring bling by picking a finger breaking diamond encased with more diamonds, surrounded by even more diamonds – courtesy of Neil Lane.

Let’s get real shall we – deep down the duo is pretty simple, so for their honeymoon they’ll cheese out and hit the Poconos for some old school romancin’ or maybe head north to Niagara Falls where they can canoodle in a heart shaped bed for two. Wherever they go, let’s hope it’s warm enough for Ashley to bare her midriff.

Even in wedlock, that belly button needs to breathe.



EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT – I was interviewed by CELEBUZZ the other day to shed some insight on the new X-FACTOR HOSTS. See what I had to say and more… right now!
FOX’s long search for new The X Factor co-hosts, featured drama that played out in public for months, could have been its own reality talent competition show. And now that it’s over, what can we expect from newly-crowned winners Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez?

Well, no one doubts that actor/entertainment newscaster/beauty pageant emcee Lopez has the polish and experience to do the job. As for E! celebreality star Kardashian, let’s just say she’s got her work cut out for her.

That’s the verdict of at least one reality TV insider. “Mario Lopez will make a great host. He’s a seasoned and polished pro and just a really likeable guy,” veteran primetime reality casting director and author of Me on TVSarah Monsontold Celebuzz.

“As for Khloe, is it a publicity stunt? Maybe,” she said of Kardashian’s hiring. “Khloe is super famous, and people will want to watch her to see how she does,  good or bad.”

What advice did Monson have for the new co-hosts?

Despite Kardashian’s ease in front of a TV camera, she’ll still have some new job skills to learn. On Keeping Up With the Kardashians and its spinoffs, Monson said, “She isn’t asked to read anything off a prompter, memorize lines, or be anything but herself or do anything she doesn’t feel comfortable doing – like making small talk with Mario to fill time.”

Not that emceeing a live show will be a breeze for either host. “Sure, they’ll have people feeding them lines and have monitors with zippy dialogue,” Monson said. “But if something goes wrong, it’s just the two of them up there that have to keep the flow of the show moving.

Already, less than a day after X Factor impresario Simon Cowell confirmed Lopez and Kardashian’s hiring, the inevitable rumors of an ego feud between his two new employees have begun to spread. But Monson said she thinks the pair will work well together.“Dynamic duos are always fun to watch,” she said. “They add more personality to the overall content of the show; they can play off one another,  good-cop/bad-cop style, and offer different levels of support to the singers and chime in with their own opinions. One guy just can’t do all that.”

Of course, last year’s inaugural season of X Factor was supposed to have a male-female co-host pair, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones. But then, Cheryl Cole left the judging panel, Scherzinger took her place, and Jones hosted the show solo. After the season ended, in a casting overhaul, Cowell announced that Jones and judges Scherzinger and Paula Abdul were out.

Before the recent round of Season 2 auditions began, Cowell brought in Britney Spears and Demi Lovato (at no small expense) to be the new judges, but while he promised to have new co-hosts by mid-August, it took until this week to winnow the field and strike deals with Kardashian and Lopez. They’ll make their debut when Season 2′s live shows begin in November.

It’s still not clear how the show will handle so many familiar, assertive stars, or whether there’s actually room in the spotlight for all of them every week. Which brought to Monson’s mind a cautionary tale from Cowell’s previous show, American Idol.“Remember American Idol Season 1? They had two hosts. One was Ryan Seacrest and the other was Brian Dunkleman,” Monson said. The now all-but-forgotten Dunkleman was gone by Season 2, but a decade later, Seacrest’s ongoing Idol gig remains the cornerstone of his multimedia career.

“Advice to Khloe and Mario: You do not want to be the next Brian Dunkleman!”

I watched the Big Brother finale last night to see if my buddy Dan Gheesling walked away with $500,000 again. He didn’t (sorry, spoiler alert). It was actually Ian, the engineering student who has been watching the show since he was ten years old, who won the money – and my heart.

He reminds me of that guy in Road Trip who falls in love with that zaftig leopard print undie loving lover.

I don’t regularly watch Big Brother, so I was utterly confused as to what HOH meant and why Danielle and Ian were throwing challenges. So I’ll let the experts over at HuffPo handle this one.

Read more »

If you think you can armpit fart your way into a casting director’s heart, think again.

Pick up my book ME ON TV this Thursday – 7/26/12 – On Amazon/Kindle and learn all the SECRETS to help get you famous faster on ANY REALITY SHOW!

When you do, you’ll get a bunch of what I hope are cool free extra bonuses. I’m not saying they’ll be a double date with Arie and Sean, but I’m not saying they won’t be, either.*

*(They won’t be.)

This will either inspire you or make you mad.

Pauly D – the gel gobbling guido of Jersey Shore – is making SERIOUS money as a DJ these days.

Forbes Magazine just released the list of the World’s Highest-Paid DJs, and DJ Pauly D is on the list… to the tune of $11 Million Dollars.

“…In the number seven spot is none other than “Jersey Shore” star Pauly D, who makes a fist-pumping (or some might actually say depressing) $11 million a year for his DJing appearances. That sort of money can buy a lot of hair gel and tanning-booth visits.

According to Yahoo!: Pauly D, as he is known in the club circuit, has made some real in-roads in the EDM world, signing a three-album deal with 50 Cent’s G-Unit record label; launching his own line of headphones; opening for Britney Spears on her North American Femme Fatale tour; serving as an exclusive resident DJ at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas; and starring in a spin-off MTV reality series, “The Pauly D Project,” about his burgeoning DJ career.

Lemme ask you this: Do you think there is ANY WAY IN HELL Pauly D would have risen to this kind of stardom if not for his stint on Jersey Shore?

Um…. NO.

So, are you ready to get cast on a reality show yet?

There are SO many ways to get cast on Reality TV these days. You can go to an Open Call near your home, apply via Online Submission, get recruited right off the street, or submit to a notice you run across on the web. All of these take a little legwork and – in the case of creating an audition video -  a lot of time.

So today I want to help you streamline your Reality TV audition process and share with you a few really great websites that offer up a ton of Reality TV casting notices in one place, for free, everyday.

Who loves you? (That’s right: ME. :))


Based out of New Zealand, StarNow is a top website for actors, musicians, models and reality TV hopefuls. It’s a great source to get info on Auditions and Casting Notices – and to put a profile up for Casting Directors to find you for projects. They are HUGE in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and are getting really big here in the US. They vet all of their notices to make sure they are legit and you can sign up for FREE right here. (They also have paid subscriptions starting at like $5 bucks a month that give you a ton of bells and whistles). These guys are going to be HUGE in the US very soon, so it definitely behooves you get signed up with them sooner rather than later.


These guys have been around for quite a while, offering up daily casting notices and a community to connect to other hopefuls to further increase the likelihood that you’ll get cast on a show. They have a voting system where other members can vote up their favorite people to get more exposure on the site. They also have interviews and videos featuring ex-Reality TV stars and industry folks offering up advice. The site is a little busy looking at times, but it has a ton of good info. Sign up for a free membership HERE, and you can also get a paid membership, too, at varying levels and prices.


This site is pretty quirky. It’s started out pretty small and is now getting bigger and bigger. The bulk of what it offers are notices for Industry Gigs, Music Gigs and Casting Gigs. They also are a good place to see what Events are happening around LA – and they usually offer a discount on entrance. It’s free to sign up HERE, and you’ll get daily emails with all the happenings. This site has the fewest Reality TV casting calls of the three I’ve mentioned, but it still has really great ones to choose from and offers a lot of info.

There are a TON more I could list, but these are the three I am most excited about these days – for both looking for talent for shows I’m casting and for the way they are helping people with their reality TV dreams.

Go forth and make magic happen!



If you’re like me, then this is a dream come true! Who wouldn’t want to be a model on The Price Is Right?!

Here are the DEETS:

The longest-running game show in history, CBS The Price Is Right, is launching its first-ever male model search with portions of the vetting process airing as a web series! At the end of the search, one lucky guy will be selected to join the Price Is Right team!

If you think you have what it takes and have a great personality, they want to meet you.


You must be at least 21 years of age.

You must bring a recent head and body shot photos to the interview…. which are:

Wednesday, August 15th – 3:00PM – 5:00PM
Friday, August 17th – 5:00PM – 7:00PM

4000 W. Alameda Ave, 4th Floor. Burbank, CA

On Sept. 28, as up to six finalists will be announced on The Price Is Right, and the five-episode web series will launch (at and, showing the hopefuls engaging in assorted challenges. Viewers will then have until Oct. 4 to vote for their pick!

Remember… dreams do come true on this show:

Ripped from the headlines of Page Six:

An upcoming book by Dianne Burnett, ex of “Survivor” producer Mark Burnett, says there was so much sex on the show’s set, it should’ve been called “Camp Lust” or “Infidelity Isle.”

Affairs among crew members were sprouting like mushrooms in a moist cow patch,” she writes in “The Road to Reality.” She adds, “The unwritten motto was: ‘What plays on the island, stays on the island.’

Dianne was married to Mark for 13 years before their divorce in 2006, and she says she was the “support system,” “connector” and “cheerleader” who came up with the title “Survivor.”

She details in the book — out Sept. 18 from Agape Media, and subtitled, “Voted Off the Island! My Journey as a Real-Life Survivor” — how Burnett swept her off her feet and they started a family while traveling the world.

But, the show’s “popularity was a double-edged sword.” By the second season in Australia, she says, “I noticed around then that he was no longer wearing his wedding ring.” Yet, “I didn’t even seriously consider that my marriage might be entirely over until Howard Stern clued me in,” Dianne writes about a 2002 interview when “Stern asked [Mark], ‘You’re still married?’ . . . There was a really, really long pause.”

She says that after the third “Survivor” season in Africa, Mark told her he wasn’t returning home but, “going to ‘hike a mountain with the guys’ . . . I later heard that the only mountain Mark had gone to climb was Mount Twenty-Something: apparently, he’d flown in a young woman . . . and had taken her on a safari.”

Burnett, now wed to actress Roma Downey, declined to comment. But he’s adamantly denied Dianne’s involvement with “Survivor,” telling the Hollywood Reporter, “If she did so much, so long ago, where are all her new shows?”

Dianne — who’s launched the Web site The Other Side and a new drink, Mulberry Love — told us: “I’m not taking away anything Mark has done, but I know what I contributed . . . People may think, ‘Why the heck is she doing this now?’ I had to take time for my heart and soul to heal.”

When I worked at Survivor – we called this sort of stuff “showmance.”


Bruce Jenner may be the most famous Olympian turned Reality TV star, but there are quite a few other Olympic Athletes that turned their medals into TV gold.

Thanks to MSN’s The Clicker, here’s an interesting look at these handful of hard working superstar athletes.

As the 2012 Olympic hopefuls go for the glory in London and move on to their own reality TV efforts, let’s take a look at some of the athletes who’ve already paved the primetime way and the shows that gave them a shot.

‘Dancing With the Stars’
No reality show can boast as big a list of Olympic participants as the ballroom bash. Gold, silver and bronze medalists, “DWTS” has had them all, and several have even moved on to mirror-ball trophy glory. Speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno was the season-four champ, figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi dominated season six and gymnast Shawn Johnson triumphed in season eight. (Both Apolo and Shawn will be competing in the “All Stars” edition this fall.) Other Olympians who have shown off their fancy (and sometimes not so fancy) footwork include Misty May-Treanor, Maurice Greene, Natalie Coughlin, Evan Lysacek, Sugar Ray Leonard and Hope Solo.

‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’
When thinking about Olympic athletes on reality TV, the “world’s greatest athlete,” Bruce Jenner, immediately springs to mind. The man not only won a gold medal for the U.S. at the 1976 Olympics in the decathlon, he also set a world record with his 8,634 points. Since 2007, Bruce — married to Kardashian matriarch Kris — has been featured on the E! network’s popular reality show as well as its spin-offs. He’s shown mostly playing dad, but from time to time, offers tales and words of wisdom from his days as an Olympian. But Bruce isn’t the only person on the show and its spin-offs who’s competed in the games. His son-in-law/basketball star Lamar Odom – Khloe’s husband — played at the 2004 games and helped the team win bronze.

‘Biggest Loser’
A lot of hard work goes into getting ready for an event like the Olympics — then again, there is no other event like the Olympics. That’s why when the world’s premier athletes take the field, they’re usually in the finest physical form of their lives. After the games? Things can change. That’s a fact Rulon Gardner, the man who took the gold for the U.S. in Greco-Roman wrestling in 2000 and the bronze for the same event in 2004, knows well. In 2011, after weighing in at 442 pounds, he found himself in need of the sort of training that he could get on “The Biggest Loser” ranch. While there, he lost more than 140 pounds before distinguishing himself as the very first player to quit the competition. Another past Olympian starred on the show too. Former “Loser” trainer and retired pro tennis player Anna Kournikova competed in the 1996 games on the Russian tennis team.

‘Be Good, Johnny Weir’
Sure, some Olympians sign on to appear in established reality shows when the competition wraps, but then there’s figure skater Johnny Weir, who followed up his 2010 Winter Olympics performances with his very own show. The Sundance Channel’s eight-part docuseries “Be Good, Johnny Weir” followed the life of the charismatic ice star. But that’s far from Weir’s only reality TV experience. In fact, he’s just as much of a workaholic on the small screen as he is in the rink. He gave comedian Kathy Griffin skating lessons on “My Life on The D-List,” was as a regular pro panelist on ABC’s short-lived “Skating With the Stars,” served as a guest judge on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and appeared on “The Rachel Zoe Project” and “Say Yes to the Dress.” Whew!

‘Celebrity Apprentice’
Summer Sanders, who won several medals for swimming at the 1992 Summer Games, like Johnny, didn’t limit herself to just one reality show. Since her Olympic days, the swimmer has participated in three reality programs. Of her stints competing on TV, she lasted the longest on season three of “Celebrity Apprentice.” Going up against the likes of Bret Michaels, Sharon Osbourne and Rod Blagojevich, she ended up lasting eight weeks on the show and raised $45,000 for her charity. She also cooked on Team Rachael for Food Network’s “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off,” and was eliminated in episode four of six.  Summer also hosted Fox’s “Skating With Celebrities” in 2006.

What 2012 London Games athletes would YOU like to see on a reality TV show? Mine would be Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh on The Amazing Race. Just think of how much ass they would kick!

Millionaire is back for Season 11!

I already went on the show and won a bunch of loot, so I’m out for the count this season.


But you should go for it… and if you want to know HOW I GOT ON THE SHOW… pick up my book Me On TV on Amazon, available starting today!

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