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I am always curious to know what sort of burning questions, comments, concerns, worries and rants reality tv hopefuls have about the casting and audition process. Having been on both sides, I know how you feel. It’s both agonizing and awe inspiring. And it sucks that you’re never quite sure WTF! is going on at any given time.

Since I have been on both sides, and the side you’re on is WAY MORE FRUSTRATING IN TERMS OF GETTING Qs ANSWERED, I wanted to open up my blog for whatever burning questions you might have. I’m sure I’ll turn this into a webinar in the coming weeks, but for now I thought I’d keep in on the page. (I actually really could use a good hair blow out and can’t fathom getting in front of my webcam right now. Yes, living in L.A. makes you vain.)

So… Ask away! Ask me anything!

(About reality TV, casting and auditioning… that is!!! Not like, my bra size.)

Post your Qs in comments and I’ll answer in a few days!

Until then, the scribe has spoken… :)

xx, Sarah

8 Comments to “Reality TV Burning Questions: Answered”

  • what kind of job does the person have who is reviewing my tape? are they like an intern or do they have a specific title and rank? how are they qualified?

  • OMG i am so happy I found this blog. I have SO many questions! I dont know where to start!
    My most burning? How legit are those relaity show websites that you sign up for? It kinda skeeves me out to put all my info up when I just want to get on ONE show. Can I audition another way?? Thanks so much fo answering!

  • Can you apply for more than one reality show at a time?

  • How did Snooki get on Jersey Shore?

  • Amazing! Thanks so much for the chance to ask you a question. Mine is: do I need to live in L.A. to get on a reality show? I don’t live there but have dreamed of getting on a few different shows and am starting to feel like my best bet is to move west… Hope you have a different solution (since i like where I live). Appreciate it, Sarah.

  • I just went to the open call for BB in seattle and totally bombed it. Any pointers on how not to screw up next time? My ego can’t take it.

  • I have been applying to Survivor for years but never hear back. What am I doing wrong?

  • How staged are reality shows? Some of that shit can’t be real.

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