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I watched the Big Brother finale last night to see if my buddy Dan Gheesling walked away with $500,000 again. He didn’t (sorry, spoiler alert). It was actually Ian, the engineering student who has been watching the show since he was ten years old, who won the money – and my heart.

He reminds me of that guy in Road Trip who falls in love with that zaftig leopard print undie loving lover.

I don’t regularly watch Big Brother, so I was utterly confused as to what HOH meant and why Danielle and Ian were throwing challenges. So I’ll let the experts over at HuffPo handle this one.

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wille bb14 head butt

I always tell anyone I cast on a show - DON’T DO ANYTHING YOU’LL REGRET LATER!

If I cast Willie Hantz on Big Brother 14, that’s what I would have told him – and maybe that would have saved him from getting ousted on Sunday’s episode.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the drama that went down, according to HuffPo:

After the Coach’s competition, Willie was put in the Have-Nots group for the week, and immediately got mad that his teammates were put there as well. He seemed to be trying to stand up for them in the game, knowing already that it would be very difficult for him to stay in now that Frank is Head of Household.

But things took an ugly turn when Willie deciding that he would get himself evicted from the house before the other players could get rid of him. What followed was an outpouring of rage and anger that culminated in Willie headbutting Joe before the live feeds were cut.

As seen on Sunday’s episode, Willie was subsequently ejected from the game.

So, this probably leaves a lot of Big Brother super fans royally pissed off at Willie.

Why would he get the chance of a lifetime to land a spot in the Big Brother 14 house and then squander his opportunity and fame and a $500,000 fortune?

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Summer has officially started in Reality TV Land, Big Brother has begun!

Big Brother 14 premieres Thursday night – and the world will finally get meet to the bikini clad cast … as well as four former house guests who come back to coach and mentor newbies in hopes of making them $500,000 richer. (They get $100k if they do!)

Even though I’m a reality TV expert with all sorts of secrets and insights on the casting process, I’ve never really written about Big Brother before (one of the most clandestine shows of all), nor have I gotten as obsessed about it as other reality shows. (Yes, Bachelorette, I am talking to you.) But I am SO watching Big Brother this year, and I’ll tell you why: It starts with a D and ends with a Gheesling. Yup! My old friend Dan Gheesling is BACK on the show! Your remember him. He’s the hunky guy from Season 10 that walked away with a giant, novelty check worth $500,000.

I know Dan from way back in my Survivor casting days, when I brought him in for semi-finals in Chicago. He was so cute, a little cocky and genuinely nice. And he still is! While he didn’t make Survivor,  from what he tells me – NOT getting that show helped him get on Big Brother. Read his book and you’ll find out how.

I’m in it, too!

I think, since I knew him way before Big Brother fame, I might be his biggest fan! I still have his Survivor application floating around somewhere, I’m sure scribbled with my notes about what a charmer he was.

So, in honor of Dan Gheesling’s return to prime time, Here’s a FREE TIP for anyone who wants to get on reality TV, taken right from Dan Gheesling book of life.


Not to the interview, that would be weird. But maybe in one of the photos you submit. Dan did. And it caught my eye. It was unexpected to see a guy wearing a dashing tux applying for a cut throat, bug eating, sleep in-the-dirt show.

If you don’t have a penguin suit, try to snap a photo that makes you absolutely shimmer with personality. Dogs and babies always help. Here’s a good example from my own life:

I mean, come on!

Okay, I have to go WATCH Big Brother 14 now. Good luck Dan! Me and my dog hope you win!


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