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Sarah Monson

A fabulous fellow named interviewed me about my career as a reality TV casting director for his equally fabulous website, Film Industry Network.

It’s a great resource for any and all who want to get into the film and TV biz, or are already actively pursuing their dreams in the entertainment industry. I highly recommend you check them out and join! When it comes to getting ahead in Hollywood, it’s all about who ya know.

Networking is king, and this site is Lancelot.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Iain: What does it take for an actor to get ahead of the competition? Any tips?

Sarah: Have your story down. I call it your “personal sizzle reel.” Be able to pitch yourself as the perfect person for the project in 60 seconds or less. Tell a compelling story that will make me intrigued by who you are and leave me wanting to know more. Sometimes a Casting Director won’t even ask you any questions. They might just say: “Tell me about yourself.” You must have a compelling story and sell us on wanting to keep you around.

Check out my entire interview here: Tips from Prime Time Reality TV casting expert Sarah Monson

Thanks Iain!


reality tv auditions can take foreverWhen it comes to the world of reality TV production, or any type of production really, there’s a mantra that one comes to live by: HURRY UP… AND WAIT.

In every show I’ve cast, regardless of my best efforts, the shooting schedule for the people auditioning or the contestants always seems to follow this hurry up and wait pattern. When we need you, we need you RIGHT NOW! But then there can be hours where you’re twiddling your thumbs wondering what the heck we’re doing and what’s taking so long. This can be incredibly frustrating.

Here’s an example: for the last reality show I cast – which was a celebrity dating show – the daters had to be ready at 8AM. Sometimes the celeb didn’t arrive until noon, and often the actual filming didn’t begin until 2PM. This, naturally, didn’t really sit well with the cast members. By the time filming started, they were tired, grumpy and annoyed. And I’d be annoyed, too. This can pose challenges to filming, since it can take a bit before people pep back up once we’re ready to roll.

But that’s just the way it goes when it comes to production and casting…

Read more »


In the wacky world of reality TV, you just never know what shows might fit your situation. Case and point, my dear friend Jill just sent me this posting for a new show she’s working on. If you’re living in an awkward situation with a former sweetie, here’s your chance to get out of it!


Are you or someone you know in a living situation because financially it’s too hard to go it alone? We’re casting people who are separated, getting a divorce or divorced and still living with their ex. Have you dreamt of pursuing a goal such as as performing, singing, dancing, cooking, changing careers or starting your own business, but you’re held back because of financial obligations with your divorce?

Do you want to move on with your life and your goals, but you can’t because of your ties and living arrangements with your ex? We can help!

This is a very thoughtful show for a major news network. Is it hard to move forward when you’re still trying to pay a mortgage or get out from being underwater on your payments? Are you stuck in a rental situation you can’t afford on your own? We want to hear everyone’s stories and help the people move forward in their lives and their goals.

Please feel free to e-mail this or share this with your friends or family members. This is a wonderful show that will explore the current state of relationships in this hard hit economy.

Please e-mail me here or at

Good luck!

Summer not only marks the season for a boatload of new reality TV shows to begin airing, it’s also high season for reality TV open calls for shows looking to air come Fall!

So, if you want to make THIS THE YEAR THAT YOU GET CAST ON THE REALITY TELEVISION SHOW OF YOUR DREAMS… take a look at this video for some helpful hints on HOW TO ACE YOUR OPEN CALL!

1. DON’T BABBLE (Check out this video for more on that:
2. FILL OUT YOUR APP AT HOME (Sign up for my FREE FIVE DAY COURSE at to get info on how make your application ROCK!)
3. STAND IN BETWEEN TWO DUDS. Not dudes, DUDS. As in, boring people who can help make YOU look SUPER INTERESTING by proxy! IT WORKS!!

Now, go get ‘em!

Hate to be the bearer of bad news when it comes to reality tv casting advice, but Casting Directors DO NOT like giving out their phone numbers! So… if you’ve recently applied, auditioned or open call’ed your ass off and are waiting for that call — it’s most likely gonna come from a BLOCKED or UNKNOWN number.

Pick. It. Up.

And watch this video:

PS – Sorry for the stretched video – it’ll get fixed eventually, but I wanted to get this up!

Sarah Monson tips and tricks to get cast on a reality show like survivor

Happy Friday! I want to send you into your weekend with a little more insight into the world of reality TV casting and answer some burning questions that have been coming across my desk over the last week.

I hope these are enlightening!

Kim asked: How legit are those reality show websites that you have to sign up for?

The Bitchlorette says: Depends on the site. As with any website, you have to make sure you’re not handing your personal info over a phisher or spammer or hacker (those sounds like celebrity baby names, no?). I’m a fan of simply going to the network website or production company to apply for a show – but often times you might not know which is what or where to find them. So yes, sites like are a great resource to see what’s out there. You do have to sign up, add a photo and fill in some basic stats to get full access, though. They also offer a paid membership for those who want to get a more robust experience. Also, is newer site with less bells and whistles than RealityWanted, but it offers up a lot of Now Casting info and show biz news and happenings. You also have to sign up for this, though no pictures o height/weight stats are required. I’m a member of both!

Read more »

Now that The Amazing Race Season 19 is over – it’s time to cast the next! I was obsessing over TAR’s Facebook page today and noticed a ton if people asking for casting tips and tricks and advice on how to get cast on The Amazing Race Season 20.

I too, would have similar quandaries if I didn’t work in the reality TV biz, so I thought I’d throw a few Amazing Race Casting Tips out there for those looking for a leg up during the next round of casting.

The most important factor that comes into play when being considered for The Amazing Race is…

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Got the heads up on two new documentary style shows doing a NATIONWIDE CASTING CALL!!

The first: Married with Parents (as in – the opposite of Married with Children starring Modern Family’s Ed O’Neil).

The second: 30 Something Grandma’s (as in – the MOST AMAZING CONCEPT FOR A SHOW EVER!)

Here are the deets. Go forth and make yourself famous.

Read more »

I found some more choice emails from my time at Blind Date.  About 6 months into the season I was really scraping bottom. I thought honing in on particular personality types would yield some takers:

— Classified Posting —

CLASSIFIED: Reality Show Looking for Wiccans and Voodoo Lovers!
Do you flirt with the Dark Side?
Are you into the occult?
Are you into non traditional EVERYTHING?
Are you SINGLE?
Want to star on a reality TV show?
Write back and tell me about yourself and your beliefs.

The Result?
—————– Original Message —————–

im a wiccan, so was my grandmother. I’m a little hidden about the craft becuz of the closed minded people in this world but i loves what i do

P.S. Oh, and ignore the “married” part of my profile. it keeps some of the freaks away

I dug a little deeper in search for people that actually came in for an interview.
—————– Original Message —————–

i sat there in a room with pathetic wannabe actors that wouldn’t shut up.after 4 hours with obnoxious actors in a small room i can say that was a horrible experience… at least i got to see Aaron Carter in the lobby. Haha

I dealt with the tearjerkers –

—————– Original Message —————–

Put me on Blind Date, I’m lonely. I’m incredibly awkward when it comes to women, because I can’t for the life of me figure them out.  – J

The honest –

—————– Original Message —————–

I would put a knife to my throat before I subjected myself to the angony the show brings.  p.s I’ll date you though off camera.

The forward thinking –

—————– Original Message —————–

Hey, WEll im not single, but im looking to get out of my relationship now. I have always wanted to be on tv. What do i have to do?

And occasionally, the underage –
—————– Original Message —————–

wtf im only 12!!!!!!!!!

At the end of the day, even with the vast amount of meat and potatoes MySpace served up, I still had to venture out to other sites.

Here’s a taste of what I reeled in:
—————– Original Message —————–

hey.. how’s it goin? I saw you on the bondage/domination group.. what are you into? ttyl..


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