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Oh snap. Way to go ABC! I sometimes underestimate them, but their ability to manipulate emotions is a revelation.

If you saw last’s night episode of The Bachelorette, it means you were able to stay away and not die of boredom. I wrote a review about it which I’ll post in a bit, but if you want to know THE MOST EXCITING OF THE ENTIRE SHOW… keep reading. I’ll tell ya.

In the teaser for next week’s show, Chris Harrison knocks on Ashley’s door and informs the wounded bird that her boy, Bentley is back. Not only is he back, he flew all the way to Thailand to see her and he’s in the same hotel right now!

You could see Ashley’s heart visibly pounding out of her less than endowed chest.

So, what does this mean? Is he coming back on the show? Did he just forget his hairbrush? What?!

I guess we’ll all just have to wait until next week.

As per usual, last night’s The Bachelorette did not disappoint. How could it when in the first 30 seconds you were promised flash mobs, freak-outs and fake tears?

Let’s start at the beginning. Bacherlorette Ashley takes Ben, a lawyer from “N’awlins,” to a dance studio where they learn a totally dumb dance. Pop quiz: How do you make an awkward first date even more awkward? Answer: Force your suitor to dance in the middle of a field with hundreds of people watching. Now, how do you make that into good TV? Turn it into a flash mob. That’s exactly what Ashley did. And yes, it was super lame.

The next day, the masked avenger, Jeff, finally reveals what’s under his utterly ridiculous mask. Is it a giant mole? A lazy eye? Nope, just an old guy, according to Ashley.

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Oh, Ashley, what have you gotten yourself into? In the first 30 seconds of last night’s The Bachelorette, we see Ashley possibly getting married to one guy in Vegas while seeing another guy admit he has zero interest in his Bachelorette—other than in her tight butt.

I missed last week’s episode, so it was nice to see a mansion swarming with reasonably attractive guys. Most are hot, one is weird. The weird one, mind you, is intentionally being a douche by wearing an Eyes Wide Shut mask to cover his mug so Ashley can get to know the real him before she sees what he looks like. If he really wanted her to get to know the real him, he should be wearing an “I’m With Stupid” T-shirt.

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MTV‘s smartest move in unscripted reality programming as of late has been jerking tears out of me for weeks.

The Buried Life, a show about four hot Canadians checking stuff off their bucket list, is stellar.  It has heart, humor and funny accents.  If Mayberry had a gang problem, it would be these guys – they’re polite, charming and you know they can fish.

It’s truly a breath of fresh air for me, who gets hives flipping back and for the between American Idol and yet another Teen Mom fighting with her baby daddy.

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It’s a slow news day.  Actually, everyday is a slow news day, because I actively choose to not watch the news.  Especially local news.  According to them, everything is trying to kill you and your favorite sports team never wins.  So, instead of writing about trivial things like the economy, I want to take today’s blog to a much deeper level.  I want to take it to a time and place most of the people reading this can relate to: The 80′s.

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My job at Blind Date was and will always be the best casting gig I have ever had. I loved the people I work with – five of them came to wedding years later -, I love the hours (10a a., – 3 p.m. daily!), and I have a major soft spot in my heart for Roger Lodge.

Overcome by nostalgia, I looked at some old emails while working at Blind Date. I have to say this, when you’ve been removed from something for long enough, you tend to view things through rose colored glasses. Yes, it was a super fun job, but some days I just couldn’t believe the kinds of people I had to cast for the show

Here are some of my most memorable casting notices I posted on MySpace. Which one would YOU answer?!

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