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Swoon! One F Jef put a ring on it! From one Bitchlorette to another, I ALWAYS KNEW Emily Maynard would make the best Bachelorette in history!

May they go forth and make beautiful blonde hipster babies!

It’s truly hard to tell which one has the better hair: Emily or Jef.

Congrats you cuties!

Ever wonder how Emily Maynard’s suitors were picked for the hit ABC show? Find out here!



You’re in line at an open call for your favorite reality TV show and you’re up next. Are you nervous? Timid? Silently crapping your pants?

If you have ever or are planning on silently freaking out while waiting in line for an open call, or waiting to go into an audition, there is one simple technique that you can do to INSTANTLY makes yourself feel better.

Not to be a tease, but keep reading to find out what this magic pill might be…

Read more »

Dream came true today… I finally got a story published on

I’ve been hopin’ and wishin’ to write for these fine ladies ever since I read an article in the LA Times. And now the day has arrived.

Click the screen shot to read it and make sure you leave comments, ya hear!

Every hose has its thorn… If you think The Bachelorette has drama, take a looksy at the tear inducing turmoil tearing poor Mark Orlando’s heart to pieces… on an all new BURNING LOVE!

I’m starting to look forward to Mark and his web series minions more than Emily and her suitors. Is that bad??


In the wacky world of reality TV, you just never know what shows might fit your situation. Case and point, my dear friend Jill just sent me this posting for a new show she’s working on. If you’re living in an awkward situation with a former sweetie, here’s your chance to get out of it!


Are you or someone you know in a living situation because financially it’s too hard to go it alone? We’re casting people who are separated, getting a divorce or divorced and still living with their ex. Have you dreamt of pursuing a goal such as as performing, singing, dancing, cooking, changing careers or starting your own business, but you’re held back because of financial obligations with your divorce?

Do you want to move on with your life and your goals, but you can’t because of your ties and living arrangements with your ex? We can help!

This is a very thoughtful show for a major news network. Is it hard to move forward when you’re still trying to pay a mortgage or get out from being underwater on your payments? Are you stuck in a rental situation you can’t afford on your own? We want to hear everyone’s stories and help the people move forward in their lives and their goals.

Please feel free to e-mail this or share this with your friends or family members. This is a wonderful show that will explore the current state of relationships in this hard hit economy.

Please e-mail me here or at

Good luck!

Look Ma, no buffering!

Dying to see my 20/20 interviews back to back? Well, here’s your chance. I’m not one for shamelessly plugging all the press I’ve been getting lately, but I will unabashedly promote my mad WordPress skills. Yes, I actually figured out how to upload videos and audio onto my Press Love section of my blog. I wouldn’t want all that hard work to go unnoticed, so check it out… and if it tickles your fancy, watch me chat it up with some media folks about all things reality TV.

via Perez Hilton

I got on the phone with E! Online’s very own Answer Bitch (a.k.a Leslie Gornstein) the other day to discuss reality TV salaries and what, if anything, is cause for a pay bump – like bringing the drama and getting arrested and such. Sadly, there isn’t an equation where a girl-on-girl kiss = an extra $10K a season, or a night in jail = a book deal!

But can you just imagine what people would do if there was!?

Read the column here and tell me if you agree as to whether or not Deena Cortese from the Jersey Shore should be commanding a higher pay raise in light of her recent ratings inducing antics.

Timothy Poe faked being a war hero to tug at the heart strings of viewers on America’s Got Talent. Now he’s on everyone’s shitlist.

Watch this interview with me on 20/20 that aired Friday night, talking about why Reality Show hopefuls lie to get on TV… and why that is a REALLY BAD IDEA!

And, watch America’s Got Talent tonight to see if they mention the Tim Poe-calypse media scandal.

In a random twist of fate, I happened to be in New York yesterday when my buds over at 20/20 called me to see if I was available for an interview for tonight’s episode. I was! So I went to ABC studios and sat down with Deborah Roberts – who is absolutely the nicest person I have ever met – and we discussed that huge scandal with Timothy Poe on America’s Got Talent.

If you don’t know the story, Timothy Poe faked being a war hero. The verdict is out as to whether he was also faking a stutter brought on by battle wounds. America and the judges loved his story when he auditioned for the show, and it turns out, he was actually a pretty good singer. But when it got out that he lied, the shit hit the fan.

Deborah and I chatted about why Poe would go to such great lengths to get on the show and why some people feel compelled to lie when they run the risk of being found out. Seriously, you can’t hide when you’re on national television!

It’s slated to air tonight at 10/9 on ABC. Hope you catch it!

Summer not only marks the season for a boatload of new reality TV shows to begin airing, it’s also high season for reality TV open calls for shows looking to air come Fall!

So, if you want to make THIS THE YEAR THAT YOU GET CAST ON THE REALITY TELEVISION SHOW OF YOUR DREAMS… take a look at this video for some helpful hints on HOW TO ACE YOUR OPEN CALL!

1. DON’T BABBLE (Check out this video for more on that:
2. FILL OUT YOUR APP AT HOME (Sign up for my FREE FIVE DAY COURSE at to get info on how make your application ROCK!)
3. STAND IN BETWEEN TWO DUDS. Not dudes, DUDS. As in, boring people who can help make YOU look SUPER INTERESTING by proxy! IT WORKS!!

Now, go get ‘em!

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